Monday, April 6, 2009

LED lighting

In the 40 years since Earth Day was first observed, we've seen a series of products and services bring energy-saving alternatives to households around the world. From the catalytic converter, to nationwide recycling programs, to energy-saving functions in home appliances, these innovative, eco-friendly advances have enabled each of us to conserve precious natural resources and protect our planet. The latest milestone in this series is the LED light bulb.

LED or light emitting diode is the future of all lighting. While it is still in its "teenage" years it is evolving quickly to meet all of our needs at a competitive price point. All of the compact fluorescent bulbs that we now use while excellent in performance, will soon be replace by LED bulbs who's lamp life and energy consumption well exceeds that of the compact fluorescent.

Light Composers, Inc. uses LED lighting in many situations today where customers want a very long life lamp with minimal energy consumption. Areas difficult to reach or service are an ideal candidate for such products. The amount of applications is wide and exciting and rest assured, tomorrow there will be new ones. Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn how you can incorporate LED lighting into your life.

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