Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Automation can save energy dollars, make your living better!

A home or building isn't complete with out systems that control lighting, power, audio, video, communications, air conditioning/heating, window treatments and anything else you can need. We all live by a variety of lights on and off everyday so why run back and forth from multiple switches to make it all happen? Why not push one button or simply have it programed to happen for you? One button from your room when you hear a "bump" in the night can bring on many sources of illumination inside and outside your home. As the sun rises or sets, lights and window shades adjust automatically thus utilizing daylight harvesting techniques.

Today we want our audio/video at the touch of our fingers with music and video feed servers. Multi-room audio/video is the norm today and making it all work simply for you is critical. A "smart home" isn't very smart if you must struggle to make it work. How nice is it to have one touch screen remote that can literally meet your every need and be customized for your lifestyle and your home or building.http://lightcompose.com/automation.html

This is where Light Composers, Inc. excels as compared to the automation only contractor or as compared to the standard electrician. We have the credentials, the licenses and industry associations to best meet today's synchronization requirements. The layout and design of lighting, power and low voltage systems can be complex in order to make it very easy for you. Relying on multiple contractors to meet these complex needs and arrive at the optimal end product is not the best approach today. Light Composers, Inc. has an overview of the big picture and can properly design and install lighting and power systems of your home or building. http://lightcompose.com/automation.html

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