Friday, September 28, 2012

Marriott Hotel Lighting Automation

The Tucson Marriott University Park Hotel is one of the busiest hotels in the city of Tucson.  Their existing lighting automation system was dated and failing.  Over time LiteSync had been called in to make patch repairs but when it was time for a remodel of the facility, LiteSync was called upon to not only help with the remodel but also to assist with the automation system upgrade.

The existing systems manufacture was no longer in business.  While LiteSync had the software program for its dated processor, the floppy disk it operated on of course had long since lost it's magnetic properties. 

So LiteSync built an entirely new program of operation for the new Savant/LiteTouch lighting control.  The project was executed in two phases.  Phase one had all the gear mounted and ready.  Phase two had us drop out the 400 amp 3 phase switch in the basement to pull out the old automation rack and land over 100 new cables into the LiteTouch gutter assembly.  The phase two cut over took 16 hours to complete but when done, all systems were go. 

LiteSync offered this hotel an installation that brought the low voltage work and the high voltage work all under our contractors license.  We eliminate the low voltage integrator and their cost burden on the job. 

Automated module enclosures and control CCU
Close up view of dimming modules.  State of the art! 

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