Monday, November 9, 2009

Chose your automation product carefully

At the LiteSync/about us/David Rishor web site, we wrote a paper about "The Evolution of an Industry". In that we state how today there is a bumper crop of low voltage only contractors with the flavor of the month automation manufacturer that may or may not be in business tomorrow. Such is the case with one vendor Colorado vNet whom supplied varying types of home automation integration products.

This rather recent entry into the market closed it's doors in September 2009. In 2008 LiteSync was approached by a developer whom was in the process of building a LEED certified home. They desired to utilize this new start up Automation vendor and while we could have helped them, our advise was to stick with manufactures that can survive tough economic climates and whom have proven track records related to themselves and their products.

We also advised them to avoid utilizing a low voltage only contractor as they do not have the license to connect high voltage wires into their automation products nor do they have the credentials to properly configure lighting control.

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