Friday, September 4, 2009

September is CEDIA EXPO 2009

Every thing is new about the CEDIA Expo in Atlanta this year. It's a very exciting atmosphere and the industry is ready to move in a positive direction again with the economy gaining strength. LyteSnyc enjoys attending events such as this and the CES Show as it allows us to see first hand the latest industry tends and new products.

Building/home automation and audio/video has erupted into a flood of manufactures and installers offering new products. At LiteSync we have been watching this evolve over the past 30 years and within the last 10 years is when we have seen the most growth. Everywhere the consumer looks there is new product choices and vendors offering this industry credential or that industry becomes a daunting task to know what is the right choice for ones budget and needs.

LiteSync's approach is to align themselves with manufactures that have been been in the industry for decades like ourselves. We all will be here years from now for the support you need. Our best advice to consumers your homework! Ask the vendor you are considering the tough questions. If their automation is controlling your lighting, what education, what credentials do they have in the lighting discipline? It's much more than just turning some lights on and off rest assured and we have witnessed their failings in the most expensive of projects. Do they have the electrical contractors license to execute all phases of your work or do they have to hire others to support them? While many vendors put on a very good facade, there are big holes in their service and these holes can affect you and the cost of your project.

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